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Robot Arena III v1

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Name: Robot Arena II

Genre: Simulation

Gabriel Interactive Developer

Publisher: Octopus Wood

Date: 21 April 2016

about the game

Sparks Fly. Steel bending. Parts break. Metal broken.
Welcome to Robot Arena, where robotics designers measures that will see stvaranjevladaju ring. Headthe Bot Lab and build your dream fighting robot from scratch or customize pre-designed robotic warriors. svohometalevi to face opponents in the deadly Arena Punoši risks to the environment and treacherous traps. Only one činsnažan Bot builder of them all!

Main characteristics

assemblyBot and Testing Lab. Choose from a wide range of components, including engines, pistons, rams, guns and more!

Powerful and easy to use tools Bot Lab allows you to adjust the shape of your kućištaRad is such want more control than ever before.

He commands his creaturesto fight in a variety of unique arena, each kanilangsariling obstacles and dangers.

The updated physics and graphics make the robot II Arena is the most realistic and advanced robot battle simulation title!

uzetinad all opponents in frantic multiplayer!

The fight against AI opponents in offline modein his career to improve your bot design and improve their martial arts.

chastkaVash Bot, robot arena communities through drawing workshops Steam.

system Requirements


Operating system: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo Intel 6400+ AthlonKs2,or equal to or better

Memory: 4GB

Graphics: NVIDIA 7600 / ATI AMD-2600 or higher with 1 GB video memory (Mobile chipset can not do), DirectX, CM

DirectX version

Storage: 1GB free space

Sound Card DirectX 16-bit


Robot Arena III v1

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