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Pro Pinball v1 Private torrent download

Pro Pinball v1

Pro Pinball (Deluxe Version Unlocked)

Requirements: Android +

Pro Pinball, the world’s most realistic simulation of Pinball is back better than ever! With the first edition ULTRA — Pro Pinball: Timeshock!

— The ultimate pinball physics engine!

— Beautiful photo realistic graphics with a resolution of Retina

— SterovaniePoziomlight — played in the dark with ultra dynamic lighting effects

— First-class music has dozens of exciting tracks

— Hundreds vrhkvalitet animation matrichnomotobrazhenie

— Operator menu allows you to fully customize your game and eksperimentstoł (Deluxe Version only)

-Glass-off mode allows you to take a virtual glass from the table and click the balls on the table with your finger (only Deluxe version)

— Uniform global leaders in high grade

— More than content in many conventional packaged along hundred — Multiballs, master modes, video modes, spinners, bumpersJet, magnets, destination and almost everything else možetezamislite!


— Correction of errors


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OBB: copi SDCardAndroidobb.


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Pro Pinball v1

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