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I am Setsuna No ISO

The collectors edition of the game Setsuna and 27 beautifully melodic original soundtrack composer Winters End Tomoka Miyoshi. Setsuna is the story; incredible inner strength and sacrifice of a young woman in order to save people from their own land.

The practice of the island.

to keep the peace, every ten years, the island of victims sacrificed to the devil.

But one year, significantly increased the devil, came to the victim.

He lived on the island from offering sacrifices duteSarea uffernCeisiodd calm; Setsuna, chosen becausetheir talent.

Setsuna must leave your security in a remote area where the ceremony will be held for the victims.

Features: JRPG Great masterpieces of the past, using the latest technology to create an unforgettable experience of history and pay tribute to the player, and the existing equipment JRPG original style.

The new combat system inspired araberaJRPG timeless classic, Chrono Trigger.

Setsuna EmocjonalnieMocną and unforgettable story of a story, acMae This really shows the dramatic storywhich immerses players

I am Setsuna No ISO

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