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Modern Combat 5: Torrent

Modern Combat 5:

Modern combat series Gameloft, in the fifth installment full of action with lots of ads. Crosses its predecessors popular or short?

New boss

Modern Combat 5 (MC5) for immediate action of security forces to cast a soldier who could be called a phoenix role in small games Duty 4: Modern Combat, talk of big city in popularity like Tokyo, sluchaiEto, based on groups of fighters attacked peanbortitza . You have to fight the fighters for a number of stagesIn the capital of Japan.

Each chapter is divided into different stages of MC5. Each chapter of the standard implemented and Cannon, the phase based on objective include tasks such as bomb neutralization and multi-user step. To save space, heads are loaded as they go.

NetSuschestvuet many weapons to choose from as well as a team that consists of four different classes that attack, recognize, heavy, and sniper. Weapons and games are an important part of the game,It also directly affects the complexity of each level. For example, some of the missions to free hostages on the fly so that you have to kill their captor. Probably using a shotgun to kill as an invader and a hostage, so it’s a good idea to pick a specific weapon at the pre-match stage.

SovremennyyCombat 5 A solid multiplayer mode that supports up to 12 daukadenbor players. This is aimed at using this feature makes it easy to work with friends,And the best way to handle it. FPS games such as classic Deathmatch multiplayer all types, Capture the Flag and free for all.

Call Mode multiplayer game that series Buy bonuses such as guard weapons and vertoletyobnovleniya that allow you to close it. I played all the games ran smoothly in terms of relationships, and I did not get to many problems with exekutatuLag. However, I’m not sure about some startup issues. There were several times when I could pick upAn enemy who would kill me fast before he had the opportunity to move forward. Even if you start with the question, this is a great experience for many FPS players.

Take your gun and go to battle

SovremennyyCombat 5 encounters many of the same touch-screen problems: The joystick screen is not as sensitive to the real thing. Movement left joystick delakontrolatzen screen, then slide your finger, you can strive for the right side. Rally, pomegranate, zoom and special buttonsThe capabilities are on the right.

The most conducive driving, but not, among other things, fire and grenadeEst key problems are too close together. It was several times when accidentally thrown a grenade can seriously disrupt the course of the game, you also struggle with ereitxi quarters. It’s not the same as dealing with a whole host of other elements in MC5 wine. Gameloft to launch in the near future to support the controller.

Look and sound of the battle

Modern Combat 5There is a lot of work went to him and care about detalyamochevidno: accurate form of the characters and their animations smooth and precise enough that it does not seem to reincarnate. This is not equal to the graphics of the console, but the game is still top of the line devices.

Sound in the game is also high quality. Several pistol sounds and other sound effects such as squeal tires sound convincing. It is not, but it is also a good unnatural voice that is commonly found in gamesMobile.

UpravleniyaHotya, still front fan layout

Awkward controls and can get annoying, but it still promises multiplayer Modern Combat 5 fun games.

Modern Combat 5:

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