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Minecraft Pre release 1 portable torrent download

Minecraft Pre release 1

Minecraft previous release is available for those who have a game in Windows, or Mac. This allows you to test upcoming features, as well as assistance in finding and removing errors from future official releases.

future Minecraft

Minecraft is not the only game that is still under development, but the developer Mojang alwayswas very open with allowing users poprobovatbuduschie opportunities in the game. Each of Minecraft can be easily installed in the previous version.

Current previous release, generous Update, full of minor changes and additions to the game, although there is a big advantage heading asprevious updates were. Update Minecraft ‘, who changed the world «made major changes have been made in the gaming world and, of course, brought us horses. Microsoft ofice 2007

Now it proscheeto use

I really have nothing to lose by trying Minecraft pre-release if you already own the game. youcan easily switch between Tym official release and not be in danger of losing saved games.

To install Minecraft pre-release, just download the file. Then click Minecraft launcher and natysnitknopku «New Profile» to name a «snapshot» and posmotretpole that says:»Enable experimental development snapshots».

Nothing to lose

Minecraft Pre-Release is really a good sign additional official game. It’s free and a great way to see how hrarozhortayetsya.

Generous Update

The latest Minecraft Pre-release SchedryyObnovlenie adds many new units, skinnyweapons for the characters, underwater dungeons and more.


To play Minecraft you need to download a license from the developer.


Minecraft Pre release 1

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