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X Mouse Button Control 2 64-Bit update Free Download Torrent

X Mouse Button Control 2

The humble mouse can do more than just point and click, and the X-Mouse Control intends to realize their potential. Expat Shield 2 The free tool allows you to assign new functions mouse button. Each button can not only submit new tasks, it can also be in context to make them dependent, so the function key in the software may not be the same in other countries.

Get fussy buttons

With X-Mouse Button Control can be a littledifficult at first: many nieJestPilihan, and the interface, although clean and easy to understand, do not hold your hand through the process of their allocation. What is lacking in the simple, but makes for variety, you can create multiple profiles, each of which has its own set of functions. You can also create a «layer» or set new directions for each profile, so you can use the mouse for different functions at different times.

nützlichFür advanced users

X-MousePrzyciskKawalanis a very powerful tool to customize the interface for those who want to be able to provide a variety of functions with a click of a button or tap to perform wheel. It can be a little intimidating for new users, but it’s more of a chance.


X Mouse Button Control 2

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