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Tux Paint 0 download free torrent

Tux Paint 0

Tuk Paint is an extremely popular figure and drawing application that allows children have taken the first steps in the art of computer!

Sako colored interface is very famili oriented. colorful and simple, and even the youngest child, complained. This child-fitness facilitate, allow them stored images,thumbnails that elected them and has AutoSave function and back, so it’s not a problem, even if ustekabeanprogramatik.

Tuk colors and decada be elected, a room that is not completely separate configuration settings are shown on the drawing interface.

Here you can change some settingswhere appropriate, that he has some benefits, such Tuk Paint drawing interface, including language and use sound effects.

rahaur point of view, Tuk Paint must be fantastic. Tuk Paint brand, color, design and effects magic, and various brushes — has a number of functions.

Some functions appear in the brush fieldToolsTek after one, but was found with a little research of your child.


More than 100 new brands were added, and the Windows 95/98 ME back / compatibility

Tux Paint 0

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