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Pokemon GO v0 x86 evil dog download

Pokemon GO v0

Pokemon GO APK

Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Pikachu and many other Pokmon were found on planet Earth! Nows your chance to discover and catch Pokemon youso all about getting your shoes to go out and explore the world. You will join one of three teams and fight for the prestige of ownershipof sportaStai with Pokmon on your side.


This application is free to play and offers a purchase in-game. It is optimized for smartphones, not tablets.

Android-compatible devices imat2GB RAM or more and set the version Android.

sumyashchalnastsNe guaranteed for devices with GPS capabilitiesor ustroystvasa related to Wi-Fi networks

Compatibility with tablet devices is not guaranteed.

The application may not work on some devices even if they have a compatible version of the operating system installed.

rekamenduemybude game, when connected to a network to obtain tochnainformatsiyalocation.

compatibility information is subject to change at any time.

Please visit zadopalnitelna compatibility information.

Information as of July 5, 2016

What’s new:

Avatars Now mogutspavtorna establish Coach profile screen

prerazgledanofiguri battle damage to somePokemon

Fitness some exquisite animations

Improved memory problems

Deleted prints next Pokmon

Edited damage calculation battle

Various bug fixes as they meet wild Pokemon

update Screen details Pokmon

updated snimkipostizhenie medal

Fixed display problemssome elements of the card

Neznachitelentekstovi repair

Pokemon Go Hack Catch Pokémon and visiting Pokestops from home.

I recently published shmatChyts difficult for Pokemon to go and this procedure requires the process of Root and prolonged as well. noDnes I’m sharing this NO ROOT simple method that does not requireprocess takes a long time. It is safe and good as well. so you can catch every Pokémon from home and visit usepokestops easy. Well, I will do video instruction and be able to get most of them.


ustanovyatFakeGPS APP

Install applications fakegps

now letphone OPTIONS Developer, go to Settings and click around telefonaBudavnitstva number repeatedly until now includes the ability to see the developer

After allowing the developer to go Tammy select a fictional place and choose FAKEGPS in a fictitious place

now openfake application of GPS, looking for your location, nine want to find a Pokemon. Then click place a red mark and select Start Service GPS, and then select one tretaoptsiya Pokemonotivam.

Now Fake GPSwill be minimized, and a button joystick. its done now openPokemon go and enjoy it directly from vashagadadomu.

Watch the video:

Pokemon GO v0

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