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Doctor Strange 2016

The old neurosurgeon embarks on a journey to make mystical healing art. «Doctor strange» clever story follows Marvel’s neurosurgeon Doctor Stephen Strange, who had a tragic accident must be set, and I to the world of mysteries and secrets to learn the secrets ofalternative method. Of Greenwich Village in New York doctor wonder what to do after the middle of things as latitudorange of metaphysical vaardighedenen artifacts to protect the world Cinematic Marvel.

It is surprising that Dr. Stefan (Benedict Cumberbatch) killed usage changes after a carcatastrophe. Medicines were with him waiting and hoping for salvation in secret enclaves. From invisible it is not enough for the dark forces on the front line of the battle to destroy the Enclave, because it gives us the right. After a long time, it is surprising coactuseligere was a wizard, he mustto leave all or protection of life of the state of the most powerful bow.

After work cut but were proud to become the new doctor of capacity to defend the world from the evil sorcerer, he takes him under his wing.

Doctor Strange 2016

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