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Medal of Honor Warfighter EngRus Repack download torrent

Medal of Honor Warfighter EngRus Repack

Title: Medal of Honor Warfighter: Edition Digital Edition +

in 2012

Genre: (young shoots) 3D surface 1

Developer: Danger Close

Publisher: Electronic Arts

History of the language

A sound of language, Russian, English

International: Running FLT

5 operating system, Windows XP is not being supported; / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8

Core 2 Duo process against / X2

The memory of 5 GB 3 (in Windows Vista / 7/8)

5 video card, NVIDIA (8) 800 GTS with 512 MB / 512 MB ATI Radeon 3870 with

5 Song card: DirectX compatible

V in a vacuum, the hard disk: MB


Medal of Honor Warfighter purchased last shooter in the «real» one of the elected members of the US war memories SAPIENT 1 operator, masses known. What you get what belongs to you I think — a soldier, and instructed and taught, will fight a battle units worldwide. Gird your loins, and the world will fight the threat of war among the people of this world.

Medal of Honor Warfighter have changed the game goes on stage, the traditions of the players, established in 2010 tincidunt A shift from the hot wind of the danger of the Second World War 2 in Europe and Afghanistan. Now you will see a series of anti-terrorist operations in different places in the world of modern office called hot, where US special forces soldier Group I.

Medal of Honor Warfighter The protagonist — US Tier 1 Operators military — History returning home from work. But the world is targeting civilian life — marriage is falling apart and life without end. But it is not satisfied, the soldiers, and when crossing the border of the deadly threat of PETN the substance, there is a choice between family and work is a preacher. When the guard to remove the threat of love continues.

Medal of Honor Warfighter EngRus Repack

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