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PES 2015 Pro

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 has returned to challenge football game FIFA terbaik.Sejak throne last year, the gameplay has been improved, more fluid animation, and physics have been updated. AI is brilliant and the performance of each team of dedicated direproduksi.Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 offers excellent detail, as players look like their athletes based and deep, stadium atmosphere.

Competitions for all

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 has several game modes: friendly matches, international competitions, online multiplayer, Master League, Become a Legend, a new club and I like FIFA Ultimate Team.

The game has a license for international leagues such as the Champions League, Europa League and European Super Cut. including the national league, but without izin.Untuk starters, Pro Evolution Soccer 2015, including the mode of learning through games is a skill that will teach you the techniques needed to succeed in the game. Many of these games feel like FIFA, though.

A new sense of gameplay

There is not much difference between management elements PES 2015-2014, but the animation is updated more baik.Animasi said the players more confidence, but still there are a few moments when they move awkwardly. The ball dribbling looks much better, and the speed of the players in the field of physics is much better meyakinkan.Bola, bowling balls replacing the hard feelings, that previous game memiliki.kecepatan Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 is more reasonable than FIFA and allows you the space and time strategy better with the team.

You can use the system and control system for creating tactics for the match. It can be used at certain times during the game, which makes the game more tactical flow dinamis.AI is more credible, not follow the predicted actions to adjust the way you play, to make the game more menantang.Salah one thing I liked the most is that PES 2015 able to reproduce the style of playing the big teams. recognized as belonging to FC Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Bayern use speed focusing on strength and uncertainty. This makes the game Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 feel like a real match.

The stadium in the living room

PES 2015 offers enhanced graphics. Physical similarity with known players was amazing and impressive display less detail.

Great atmosphere of the stadium, the crowd noise is realistically modeled, and the intensity of the sound of the crowd on the basis of how the game will be. audience participation contributed greatly to the realism of the game.

There uninstall FIFA?

PES 2015 is a game of football, incredible besar.langkah Konami to improve the game. The game is not perfect, though, because a small number of officially licensed, by looking at the menu, and not all animations have been fixed. Data Rescue Pro 4 download free torrent

These are small complaints for the game expressed delight sekalipun.Kesenjangan between FIFA and PES even smaller and Konami has gained much ground with Pro Evolution Soccer 2015.


PES 2015 Pro

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