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CCleaner Portable 5 32 Bit Torrent Download

CCleaner Portable 5

Free Flash USB stick and higher memory capacity, as well as their popularity in the building. Many applications have developed special versions for these devices,Often known as «image». One of them is CCleaner Portable.

The yangbeberapa, CCleaner Portable is the pocket of CCleaner, both for cleaning tools that you can delete files not used, thus increasing disk space valuables back and let WindowsWill run faster and smoother. vyalikiPeravagatentang CCleaner Portable is that it allows you to do the same without leaving evidence of the use of your computer. In fact, you do not need to install it.Just run from memory, USB, and you will have access to all features. CCleaner Portablejangan create the necessary number of Windows Registry, but these are deleted when the program is closed,So have the impression it left on the system.

On its functions, CCleaner Portable robitsvelmi performance as satisfactory. This program will help you to pick from a variety of different files such as: cookies, InternetTemporary files, files, or all of these residues were found after months of installing and removing applications into the system. Setup menu in CCleaner Portable features interesting options, how to keepSome cookies can be useful for you or the ability to add custom file types to filter. In addition to free up disk space, CCleaner Portable also lets you uninstall applications,Look for the registration broken and list all the programs set to run when dilancarkanWindows.

Below, CCleaner Portable does not allow cancel the changes, so you need to make sure that you want to delete before you click»Yes.» In addition, the program can take a few minutes before the end of the analysis should be done before pengeluaran.Walau However, this may be due to the fact that CCleaner runs Portable DeviceUSB and we examine all options possible to test the system achysttsynasha found 558 MB of days, which certainly takes a little time to be removed.

Generally, CCleaner Portable is followed»Brother» and comes in very handy if you want to use it without computer assistance or make any traces.


Ability to cross PenggunaControl Account (UAC) warning.

Add support forFirefox beta.

Thunderbird vachyshchatstsa moved separately.

Improved Aurora History cleaning.

Improved cleaning passwords stored Google Chrome.

Set work baikpengenalan improved.

Installing special dayUninstaller on XP.

Add cleaning for BitDefender.

Increase detection Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, VLC Media Player, and Avast! Antivirus 6.

Minor repairs.

CCleaner Portable 5

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