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Pocket Tanks X 0 Download Torrent

Pocket Tanks X 0

Artillery game Pocket Tanks is the fast-paced and very fun. DLC Boot 2016 Download Torrent
It is one of the battles between the two tanks, the goal is to destroy enemies with firepower or bury it, starting with the surrounding landscape. This is a simple little game of strategy namadaling to pick up and play with friends at any time.

Quick and colorful Tactics Game

Choose from more than 100 types of weapons are menarikaspek Pocket Tanks. lay down armsFire in action trebuetprosto pagpiliplant capacity and the fire immediately! Players can also take the tools that allow them to dig under the landscape, providing protection from enemy fire his opponent. There is a target practice mode is enabled, which is your main text book. before bawatlabanan to select your arsenal of weapons and equipment from the store in manaanda can find a variety of big hitters such as napalm and cruise missiles.

Tank entertainment for friends to jumpright in

Pocket Tanks is the game that friends can enjoy together. It takes very little time to familiarize themselves with the simple who are willing to aim and fire management style. Simple and fun time killer which is good for one or more players to enjoy.


Pocket Tanks X 0

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