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Moana 2016

An adventurous teen go on to save a daring mission for his people. During his career, Moana once mighty demigod Maui, who traded in his quest to become a master search on the road. Together they sailed out to sea on a journey full of action, horrible monsters and impossible odds to find out. Along the way, the old Moana his ancestors always looking for one thing, he met and discovered his identity.

In ancient Polynesia, cursedeneanbat the terrible cost Maui turbulent dogtervan Chief of the island,in the Pacific for the implementation of the demigod that he answered the call. Moana Waialiki traveled sea fan and the only daughter of a leader is a long line of readers. She island fisherman can not catch any fish, and crops failed, the goddess of the blight that the demigod Maui he learns cause the heart of Te FITI steal. The island is the only way to heal is to persuade For FITI heart go back to Maui, so MoanabateanPazifikoan sets off on an epic journey. the rolprentisbased on the stories of the Polynesian mythology.

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Moana 2016

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