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ZPN Connect 2 torrent download

ZPN Connect 2

ZPN Connect is a free VPN-client that allows you to connect securely to the Internet, even over insecure channels such as public Wi-Fi access points. It also allows VPN app lets in some sites of schools, employers or the government of the blocks to get around,you can access what you want, wherever you are. Software is a client who, diehat for ZPN VPN publisher services both free and paid options.

clientBiswalzyavlyaetstsa with ZPN Connect is not much to see, but even that simpleito is very functional. youYou can see the statistics to see the connection with one look at the screen and adjust the settings through a series of menus. What it is not clear that the setting changes are not applied to the restart, so make sure that before you close the production. All the rest of the customer are clear and easy to understand,but. At launch, the service is reliable, as well as any the VPN, you will see some connection delays, but this is the price you pay for online privacy.

Balansekungnais ZPN Connect is a solid choice in a simple, easy-to-use VPN client. It does not take a lot of support material,so if you do not know how much use a virtual private network, it can be a good idea to select an option for the beginner.

ZPN Connect 2

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  • ZPN Connect 2 torrent download