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Interchange 2016 German TPB free torrent download

Interchange 2016

Exchange «exchange» follows a man named Adam, forensic photographer who was dragged by her best friend, Detective men investigated for a series of brutal murders of worship in the city. Adam soon befriends Eva, a woman is on a mission to save his life-the human soul in his tribe, who were trapped in the glass plate negatives. tribe`s spirit, played by Nicholas took human form to help Iva.

Language: English

Classification: NA

General DateRelease: December 1, 2016

Genre: Thriller

Duration: Tiadaada

Distributor: GSC Movies

Starring: Sam Shaheizy, Nicholas Saputra, Iedil Son, Prisia Nasution, Nadiya Nissa, Alvin Wong Chew Kin Wah

Director: Dain Said

Format: P2

Interchange 2016

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