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My Family Tree 6 download

My Family Tree 6

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Before you ask for a small, but very powerful and will allow both to create and to import and edit your family tree and displayed in a simple graphic format, and download Tree Family My you can as always on our website, please go to full news.

In making this information, you can add pictures of family members, name and surname of his shows, born and death dates, if necessary, add summary. BcWebCam 2 1
At the end of the process,you can export to create punorhannugyda’ch friend.

Among the advantages Tree Family I includes support for data vizualizaytsii use of time scrolling, online help, you can protect your data with a password, if you have Windows 7, you can use the touch screen, slideshow mode, tree genealogy files can disimpanmaka it means that you can add links to research (eg have a known relationship or if you are referring toseveral documents), you can track how your pamilyagumagalaw on the ground with the help of Google Earth service.

yngyffredinol, my family tree, I like, simple to operate program has an interesting interface, feature-rich, you do not need the money, you just need to install .NETversi framework, I think in the modern system will be any problems ,


My Family Tree 6

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