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Rust v1381c 2014 Download Torrent

Rust v1381c 2014

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Title: Rust / Rust Potassium

Press Type: Reloaded

Genre: Yes, simulation

Developer Forums Forums Studio

In 2014

Platform: PC

Version: 1381c ()

Language: Russian, Ukrainian and English

The tablet closes (Luma)

Systematic request:

Operating system: 7/8 /


Memory: 8 GB RAM

Video mb 1024 in favor of DirectX

Hard disk: 4 GB of

Support on the way Seedbok

Installation procedures in place


Installation time that Russian characters can not contain!

If you choose to install the 64-bit to 32-bit version administrator.

1. Start

2. After installation, adjust settings document instrument.

3. start the game and the way

4. The name of the player within the player (name).

5. log on the game, and the wine-press F1.

6. Within IP_ADDRESS: portal, where «ip_address» — IP address of the server, a «gate» in the number of ports.

List of Ministers:

(28) 15

(28) 19

: (22) 222

(6) 666

(29) 15


features Repack-

Releasing steam 1381c King James Version (/ 1,195,573).

Once inserted, you can select few.

data compression is lossless.

The release prepared by Spieler Author — KosiakS.

Rust v1381c 2014

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